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The Mid-Michigan Autism Association (MMAA) is made up of local people working to improve the quality of life for individuals and families living with developmental disability in Mid-Michigan. In 2008, the MMAA was started by a small group of parents and professionals who wanted to understand best treatment options and local resources for our kids with autism. Early on, we identified that the work we were doing applied to families living with developmental disabilities of all kinds. Thus the by line Autism Driven, not Autism Specific.


We hope this website may provide you with information you haven’t been able to find elsewhere. We hope you and your loved ones may find resources and help in a timely manner rather than becoming disheartened by the confusing, inconsistent and often inaccurate information so easily available from so many directions. Most of all we hope you thrive in learning how to love the special individual in your life. 


Autism Basics

What does that really mean?

Local Disability Community

Where can we go, what can we do to have fun?

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