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Scholarship Policy

MMAA does not provide scholarships directly to individuals with intellectual disabilities or

developmental disabilities. If the board is considering donating funds to increase

opportunities for individuals to participate in certain programs or events, the money

will be given directly to the organizer and distributed or utilized according to the charter

or bylaws of that organization. 


Donation Policy

MMAA is an all-volunteer organization.  Our mission is to:


  • Provide information and educational opportunities to the intellectual/developmental disability population and their families in Mid-Michigan.

  • Promote opportunities for acquiring skills to participate successfully in the larger community.

  • Promote a community that values the potential and contributions of all its members.


All donations are used to meet these objectives. The board does not make donations to other non-profit organizations for general fund raising. The board will consider financial support for specific programs that help us accomplish our mission. 


Collaboration Policy

MMAA is committed to collaboration with organizations and agencies serving people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We believe this is a responsible way to utilize resources and effect change in our Mid-Michigan community. MMAA supports these efforts by accomplishing our first mission goal, providing information and educational opportunities to the intellectual/developmental disability population and their families through the

website; Facebook page; and weekly updates!  


Using our website to find products, services or research opportunities: when investigating services, products or resources on the MMAA website, please understand that MMAA has no way of vetting, providing background checks, or certifying the quality of opportunities found on the website. MMAA does want to make it easy for individuals and families to take advantage of unique opportunities that may be available in our area.


If anyone you come into contact with as a result of using our website behaves in an unprofessional manner,  please notify our Treasurer, Cathy Blatnik at immediately. We will remove the contact until we have had an opportunity to investigate.


Think of this like a community bulletin board you might find in a laundromat or grocery store.


Posting On Our Website Policy

Individuals who believe they have a specific service or product that our intellectual/developmental disability community should be aware of, please send an e-mail to our Treasurer, Cathy Blatnik at  


The MMAA board will consider all these offerings but will only post those that seem credible, potentially helpful, and are compatible with EBP (Evidence-Based Practice).




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