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What does Evidence-Based Treatment mean?


Evidence based means that a particular method or treatment style has been formally

tested in a university setting and found to improve symptoms in a meaningful way

(statistically significant which is really a mathematical determination) and that the

research has been duplicated in other research centers.


Evidence-Based Practices for Children, Youth, and Young Adults with                                                                                           Autism Spectrum Disorder Booklet


Because science and traditional medicine had such a poor understanding of autism

for so many decades, families stopped looking for help from physicians. Many people

tried to offer help to families and lots of treatment ideas were suggested with out sound

research to back them up. Lots of these ideas and suggestions still float around on the

internet. Some of them may even be dangerous like chelation therapy. 


If someone is recommending a treatment, ask what the research is that supports it and determine the financial incentive of the person suggesting the treatment. BEWARE OF THE INTERNET. 


Put your own oxygen mask on first

There are therapies, supports and habits that can help individuals and families grow into the people they want to be, that may not be considered Evidence Base Treatment for ASD. All families need to think about them, but the increased demands and stress of raising a child with special needs make this essential for our families. Basic exercise, nutrition, recreation, spiritual and mental health practices need to be evaluated. If there is active major depressive disorder, drug or alcohol addiction present in a family it needs to be dealt with. There is some evidence that our families are at increased risk for suffering from these disorders (as well as schizophrenia, ADHD and Bipolar disease).



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What does Evidence Based Treatment mean?

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