Our Board of Directors has created this page to provide you with tips on how to ensure your individual with Autism and other Sensory Sensitivities will have a successful visit to a Medical Appointment (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.)

The Mid-Michigan Autism Association offers free Autism Training and Sensory Toolkits.

Here is a "tip" sheet developed by Susan Senator, a mom who has a son with Autism. It was first published in Psychology Today:

8 Tips for Medical Professionals Treating People With Autism | Psychology Today 

Our organization also put together a "Helpful Hints" resource:




















Here are some links to social stories that we have found to be helpful:

I-am-Going-to-the-Doctor.pdf (educationandbehavior.com)

I Am Going to the Dentist - Google Docs (educationandbehavior.com)


We also have a Power Point Presentation put together by one of our Board Members that is available to Parents, Caregivers and Medical Professionals. Please contact us our Treasurer, Cathy Blatnik at blatsie63@yahoo.com for more information.