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Our Board of Directors has created this page to provide you with tips on how to ensure your individual with Autism and other Sensory Sensitivities will have a successful visit to a Medical Appointment (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.)

The Mid-Michigan Autism Association offers free Autism Training and Sensory Toolkits.

Here is a "tip" sheet developed by Susan Senator, a mom who has a son with Autism. It was first published in Psychology Today:

8 Tips for Medical Professionals Treating People With Autism | Psychology Today 

Our organization also put together a "Helpful Hints" resource:




















Here are some links to social stories that we have found to be helpful:

I-am-Going-to-the-Doctor.pdf (

I Am Going to the Dentist - Google Docs (


We also have a Power Point Presentation put together by one of our Board Members that is available to Parents, Caregivers and Medical Professionals. Please contact us our Treasurer, Cathy Blatnik at for more information. 

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