Success Stories


Our Board of Directors has started a feature on our website that we hope you will read and feel like contributing to!  We would like to celebrate successes of your special needs individuals, no matter how big or how small, no matter what age!  Did your child finally get potty-trained? (like my son did after almost nine years)?  How about they learned how to feed themselves?  We want to hear all about it! 

To give you an example, take a look at this story (the author would like to remain anonymous):


"To communicate, my son, used to depend on pulling us and physically showing what he needs. Our goal was to make sure he uses words as communication. We started to discourage him to pull us and make sure he says what he needs, even though we go with him, when he pulls us. Our reactions started to give him thought that expected communication in words. So now, for anything he needs, he uses words. But, he still tries his best to avoid using words and he still has a hard time to communicate many things. But, we realized that setting expectations and making him slowly understand those expectations will help him. We continue to do that with increasing expectations, but at the same time being careful about making sure his confidence levels won't go down when expectations are too high."

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