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Local Disability Community

Please help us keep information current. If you know of any additional supports, please ask them to contact us. To submit information regarding a local resource, please email it to our Treasurer, Cathy Blatnik at


When investigating these resources to see if they might be of interest to you or your family, please understand we have no way of vetting these businesses.  Think of this like a community bulletin board.

If you contact a business and they behave in an unprofessional manner, please notify us of this immediately, so we can remove them from our website.


Click on the image below each category to view resources and organizations that may be beneficial to you and your family.


Local Agencies

Legal Services

Recreation/Social Opportunities


Post-Secondary Education Options

Autism Awareness Trained Organizations as of 12/6/2022:

Fenner Nature Center, Lansing, 06/2019

MSU Museum, East Lansing, 02/2019

 Michigan History Center, Lansing, 01/2019

Impression 5, Lansing, 01/2019

Potter Park Zoo, Lansing, 12/2018

Tabernacle of David, Lansing, 11/2018

Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing, 03/2018; 01/2019

Abrams Planetarium, East Lansing, 02/2018; 10/2019

Harris Nature Center, 10/12/2020

South Lansing, Downtown Lansing and Foster Libraries,


Mason First Church of the Nazarene, 12/5/2022

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